Advices for buying a Zapper

There are many devices on the market. Regardless which one you choose to buy, we suggest you consider the following points:


Clean rectangular frequency

The device emits a clean frequency not an impure one. That means that the voltage stays always in the positive field.

positive Offset

Whereas the wave does not go under 0 Volt.

steady frequency

Even if the voltage of the battery decreases, the frequency does not change. This allows a battery change in due course at voltage loss and avoids deflections.

Battery control

According to the latest findings the frequency should be between 30-35 kHz


30-35 kHz

In that range you have the highest effectiveness.

Power source
(9 Volt battery)

The Zapper should operate with a 9Volt battery


CE label

You should also find a CE label on it  that proves the device has been checked and corresponds to  guidelines.

According to RoHS 2002/95/EG

It means the zapper was made free from harmful substances.


All the devices with these characteristics  are to be advised.




The information on these pages refer to Dr. Hulda Clark’s books and research done either in German and the international field. Using the zapper in case of health troubles does not substitute a visit to your Doctor, neither does it imply that you cease ongoing treatment. Scientific consensus does not prove the effectiveness of the zapper device thus far. Therefore please keep in mind that we cannot promise any healing effects. Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterDisclaimer


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