How long should I use the zapper?

Zapping once a day should suffice. Usually the 7-minutes/20 minutes pause session is adequate. Longer lasting treatments are not necessary. In fact what's more important is the regularity of the treatment. However, very sick people may have their zapping all day long. Dr. Hulda Clark advises that regular zapping should consist of three 7 minute treatments with a 20 minute pause between each of treatment.

What is a positive offset?

The voltage always stays in the positive field whereas the wave never goes below 0 Volt.

Why should the voltage be always in positive offset?

The zapper operates with a frequency in positive offset, a condition you do not find in nature. Such a rectangular wave is a current that never goes below 0, thus remaining always in positive field. Without a positive offset the zapper is ineffective, which would mean the vitality of the parasites, viruses and bacteria would not be reduced.

Why should the zapper operate with batteries?

The battery emits DC current (direct current) and thus avoids electric shocks. Therefore functioning with batteries offers greater safety for hand-operated devices.

Is it enough just zapping to be free from aches and pains?

Regular use of the Zapper can help you be free from pains caused by many symptoms. The zapper offers a kind of universal therapeutic effect from many parasites, bacteria and viruses and it can be used in every treatment including serious chronic illness due to parasitic strain. The Zapper is a part of the therapy that Dr Clark developed. The treatment can be further supported by cleansing and rehabilitation.

Can zapping cause skin irritations?

Some people may experience skin irritation using the zapper. In that case change skin spots; as an added precaution you should use gel pads, slippers or carbon grips. It is important that skin spots be kept clean all through the treatment.

Why is it important to have a frequency of about 30kHz?

In every frequency therapy you have a voltage with a specific frequency that is put in contact with your body through conductive grips or wristbands that may be attached to arms, or legs. Parasites and other triggers react at a basis frequency of 30kHz and can be killed or dazed just by a minimum electric shock. The zapper works with a rectangular signal that is made up of a variety of high frequency signals. This also allows to reach parasites that are at other frequencies.

Applying 30kHz, that is 30.000 cycles per second, allows the current to reach all places in the body. The probe of a frequency counter detects this frequency everywhere. Some places of the body have a weaker signal than others. Therefore the current does not flow all through the body evenly. People having an inflammation in their body can often “feel” the zapper at the corresponding places. Such places are areas negatively charged. Negative charges are drawn towards the positive electrodes at a rate of 30.000 little shocks per second.

Is zapping allowed with a metallic replacement in the body?

You can use the zapper even if you have a metallic replacement in your body. In such cases it depends on where the replacement is in your body. If it is in the upper part then you should zap on the lower part and vice-versa.

Which zapper should I buy?

There are various models on the market as well as many techniques. The classical one by Dr Hulda Clark is provided with limited rectangular current waves in positive offset. In such models the voltage must be repeated up and down and varied to allow the triggers be successfully killed. The company VitaLation offers good zappers in various versions (basic and automatic). Its models allow you to perform the treatments without restriction according to the classical method by dr Hulda Clark.


The information on these pages refer to Dr. Hulda Clark’s books and research done either in German and the international field. Using the zapper in case of health troubles does not substitute a visit to your Doctor, neither does it imply that you cease ongoing treatment. Scientific consensus does not prove the effectiveness of the zapper device thus far. Therefore please keep in mind that we cannot promise any healing effects. Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterDisclaimer


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