The principle of the zapper

After years of research dr. Hulda Clark concluded that especially in serious illnesses, pollutants and parasites are triggering elements that interact with one another. Poisons provide a fertile culture for triggers as they weaken the body. Improving one’s lifestyle and introducing rehabilitation forms like overhauling (reducing the effect of the amalgam filling) can greatly balance and counteract the intake of the pollutants.

Dr. Clark wanted to oppose the parasitic attacks, and not just simply battle against environmental toxins. Her zapper method is based on the idea that parasites, like all living beings, react to certain frequencies. If the current you receive finds the frequency of the organisms, they might react so strongly that they can be damaged, or weakened. Such a reaction is called self resonance.

In the attempt to kill many parasites in the body simultaneously, the zapper goes further back on a specific electric waveform, that is the rectangular oscillation, which looks like pinnacles. Such an oscillation is a tight lining up of many sinus waves. The latter consists of a basic frequency and many further waves in sinus shape that represent an integral multiple of the basic frequency known also as “harmonic waves”.
The most famous example of this principle is the piano. When you press one of its keys you get a tone that is made of many single frequencies giving you a characteristic harmonic sound.



Rectangular signal



With the zapper, a voltage in rectangular shape is directed into the body, which is able to address many different frequencies. This is the first advantage for the broad struggle against parasites. However, there is another peculiar feature that the applied vibration shows and that is a positive offset voltage  – as it is called- where the rectangular oscillation never goes under 0 Volt.
According to Dr. Clark the waves in the negative voltage field would make the parasites stronger instead of weakening them.

Besides that, through the removal of the negative field, the number of the positive frequencies increases greatly in the same period of time and this makes the zapper even more effective. The zapper uses a basic frequency of 30 kHz. The ideal rectangular oscillations are  uneven multiples of this frequency, such as 90 kHz, 150 kHz, etc

Precise rectangular oscillations in science are only theoretically possible. There are always deviations upwards or downwards. This is why the zapper also produces even integral multiples of the basic frequency, which is 60kHz, 120kHz etc. In this way with the zapper you are able to reach a wider variety of parasites.

According to Dr Hulda Clark, another decisive point  in the making of the zapper is the number of Volts that are used. A very low number, from 5 to 10 Volts proved to be the most successful according to her studies.
This level of voltage does not bring any harm to the human being according to Dr Clark’s, indeed  through her studies it was discovered that it reaches the parasites.


The information on these pages refer to Dr. Hulda Clark’s books and research done either in German and the international field. Using the zapper in case of health troubles does not substitute a visit to your Doctor, neither does it imply that you cease ongoing treatment. Scientific consensus does not prove the effectiveness of the zapper device thus far. Therefore please keep in mind that we cannot promise any healing effects. Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterDisclaimer


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