According to Dr. Clark

Clean square wave frequency and positive offset.

Made in Germany

Quality and manufacture from Germany.

Easy application

Simple application & easy operation.


For more energy and well-being.

Sometimes a device does not need to be assembled in a complicated way to prove its effectiveness. This is the case with Dr Hulda Clark’s zapper.

Thanks to the electrical oscillations, this device detects harmful parasites in the human body and opposes them. In the holistic Clark-Therapy, the zapper plays an important role. It is used daily to clean the body from parasites and triggering substances.

In several sessions and without posing a threat to the individual, a weak current destroys parasites and triggering elements.

Everyone can use the small device without much effort. An increase in one’s general wellbeing may also follow. The zapper is offered nowadays in many versions, from those with basic function without time adjustment to the professional ones with frequency and time adjustment. On this site you can find extensive information regarding Clark Therapy and her Zapper.